Awakening Authenticity Programme

Adam holds on open, non-judgemental space for his coaching. He has a deep intelligence and he is happy to share his stories of vulnerability and his own self-development path which facilitates the coaching sessions. He can explain and clarify points in many ways. He appears to have a deep understanding of coaching and the mind-body relationship. He is able to motivate without pushing the participant into fear, but the level of this motivation is challenging enough to bring about change. It felt natural to communicate with Adam over video call and this was not a barrier to the coaching relationship. Additional support via Whats App also helped as a check in strategy and to boost motivation. Email support was also invaluable.

I realised there were parts of my self that needed more exposure, that needed the limelight, and identifying these parts was a key area of the coaching. This moved me forwards in terms of my own therapeutic relationship with my patients. I tried things I had never done before, confronting fears about this. My authenticity with certain family members has grown. The pinnacle of the coaching impact was launching my website including my own recovery story onto social media, something I would not have done without Adam's encouragement and guidance.

If you want to grow either personally or professionally this will really help. This will help people who want to deepen their self-awareness or maybe have a sense they are not living life to its full potential. Finally a big thank you to Adam, I have loved the challenge of the coaching process and how it has now set me up for the future giving me a more defined purpose and direction.

Chris Shorter

Awakening Authenticity Programme

Words can't sum up how helpful it was. I am truly grateful. This feels like a massive shift for me. I was in a haze but now feel clear. You have a real gift for this work and I would like to do a testimonial of some sort because people need to know about you!

Emily Tims

Group Process Facilitation

Adam has a deep insight into how human psychology works, how people think and feel, and he brings this insight in a non-didactic, understanding way, allowing his participants to breath into their own work. He supports and carries the group, it's very empowering indeed.

We covered some very powerful processes that were well-thought out and carefully orchestrated. Participants were allowed to feel in control of their own work, the result being immensely powerful and invigorating.

Yes it has been extremely impactful for me. As I said before the key to Adam's leadership is his ability to allow participants to feel their own empowerment, rather than it being forced upon them. He's naturally un-egotistical and compassionate. He's blessed with a skill that can quite simply change lives.

Angus Maguire

Group Process Facilitation

That process you led last Tuesday was spot on. You've got an amazing intuitive sense for facilitation and the room was on fire when you finished. Keep on keeping on!

Jed Lazar

Group Process Facilitation

Adam possesses that rare quality which every good facilitator needs...the ability to see past the surface level and get to deeper issues. That's where he really shines.

There was something deeply cathartic about the space Adam allowed for healing to emerge. I felt moved by the naturalness of this breath.

I feel that anyone would be touched by his care and integrity, and benefit greatly from the insights he offers. He is, first and foremost, a grounded and loving man.

Ben Davies

Group Process Facilitation

You bring clarity, humanity, and an ability to navigate directly to the heart of the matter. You have an incredible level of integrity and are not afraid to speak your truth, even when it feels like it would go against the grain of what is expected. This gives me a huge level of trust in the work you facilitate.

I felt very held and safe. I had complete trust in your facilitation, and the way you helped me to navigate the memories and emotions that were revealed in the process. Having watched you facilitate other men's processes, my experience is of someone who steps out of the personal into the impersonal in service of revealing the deeper truth of the situation.

I felt profoundly impacted by the process that you lead. I experienced a big shift in my relationship to the issue that had been trying to gain my insight and understanding of. I felt profoundly connected with you and the other men on the circle and that I had been guided in a process where I was able to 'own' the results of the work that we did together. I also felt that I have been given a new set of tools that I can access at any time should similar thought patterns or emotions arise.

Christopher Bangs

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I believe I have a precious gift for truly transformational coaching and facilitation.


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