Words can't sum up how helpful it was. I am truly grateful. This feels like a massive shift for me. I was in a haze but now feel clear. You have a real gift for this work and I would like to do a testimonial of some sort because people need to know about you!

Emily Tims

What is coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal or professional potential.”

Coaching is not teaching or giving advice. A good coach does not need to know more than you or to have achieved what you want to achieve. Coaching does not rely on these things because the deepest answers come from within you.

What makes a great coach, in my experience, is a coach who is deeply and sincerely engaged in their own personal journey of healing and growth, and who can bring this depth of presence and reality into their coaching practice.

Coaching with me

Coaching with me is a series of direct, personal and challenging conversations within a radically non-judgemental relationship in service of your desire for change.

Rather than designing goals, I invite you to step into new perspectives and intentional spaces from which emerge revelatory insights and transformational new ways of being in your life.

I offer a confidential and flexible service to individuals, couples and groups. If you have connected with my blog and truly seek change, the chances are we'll work well together.

Book a free consultation with me to find out more. I'll be happy to hear from you.

My training

I have undertaken a number of trainings to support me in as a coach and facilitator, and to support me in my own journey.

These include an 8-week Developmental Coaching training accredited by the International Coaching Federation and a 5-day intensive Coaching Skills training at City University.

I have undertaken trainings and staffed trainings with the ManKind Project through which I awakened and deepened my presence, integrity and emotional authenticity, and supported others to do the same.

I have also experienced coaching and psychotherapy with life-changing results, and regularly attend an 'i-Group' where we focus on accountability, commitment, integrity and emotional authenticity.

Coaching options

People often assume that coaching is always done face-to-face, but it can actually be incredibly effective by phone, email and Skype. Take a look at the guide below, ideally before contacting me.

Coaching by email

Coaching by phone

Coaching by Skype

Coaching in person

Get started now

Simply message me using the Facebook button at the bottom or email me at to book a free consultation.

Please include your reason for seeking change and your preferred contact information.

That process you led last Tuesday was spot on. You've got an amazing intuitive sense for facilitation and the room was on fire when you finished. Keep on keeping on!

Jed Lazar