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Barefoot Vulnerability Practice

Have you ever lost your shoes and had to walk home without them? If you haven’t, take moment to go inside and imagine it. Our shoes, our keys, our phone, maybe special piece of jewellery – without these things we often have the feeling of being naked and unprotected and vulnerable.This post is about how […]

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Art Therapy & Art Coaching

Coaching and therapy are typically spoken or written processes. This post is about how non-linguistic art (painting and drawing in this case) can be part of therapy, personal development and transformation.Firstly, a quick note on art therapy. I never really used art as therapy per se, but I will quickly relate one powerful example that […]

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Using Facebook for Therapy

I’m not a Facebook ‘super user’ and not so long ago my style of post was just an occasional picture of my lunch or view from the window (well maybe not quite that bad but you get the idea). Using Facebook for Therapyhttp://adamalkashi.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/using-facebook-for-therapy.mp3 I felt almost an obligation to post something but even when the […]

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