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Derail My Fake Life

Last month, I posted about drug addiction. If the goal of this whole vulnerability blogging practice was ever to ‘derail my fake life’ then this one was the motherload.Sharing my grief and childhood shame was relatively easy because they still left the ‘goodness’ of my adult self image intact.Writing about drug addiction was different. It […]

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Our Best 2016 Ever

My wife, Sally and I have both been on a path of personal healing and growth in our own ways for some years. Tonight, for New Year’s eve, we’re planning something special.We’re going to dedicate the evening to closing 2016 and opening 2017 in our lives with the deepest and most embracing meaning that we […]

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Me and Drugs

Early on I learned secrecy as a defense. This post is about one of my biggest secrets, my personal history of drug abuse. I am writing this for myself. To continue my process of becoming real. And perhaps it offers some value to others.People in my life assumed that because I had never tried alcohol, […]

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Losing My Religion

I grew up with religion. My dad was born into Islam. My mum was Catholic and converted after they met. This post is about a journey, pitted with guilt, shame and confusion, to finally uproot what wasn’t working for me.Now. There is religion and then there is religion. And if you didn’t grow up with […]

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