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The Power of Loneliness

Loneliness. Even though I’m more connected with more people than ever in my life, I very often feel completely alone in my own way.I was reading in a book recently (Will the Real Me Please Stand Up? by Powell & Brady) about how telling you all of my significant feelings is the very essence of […]

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What is My Journey

Sometimes people ask me what it means when I refer to being on a journey. I get comments that suggest maybe I’m depressed or it’s a midlife crisis or some kind of breaking down.Like maybe I got stuck in my life and have started running backwards to recapture an infantile exuberance rather than just staying […]

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Masochist and Addict

It’s winter here in London. For that last 40 days, I’ve been having cold (5°c) showers every morning and night. I’ve not touched the hot tap all year.It makes me feel super alive and inspired. I get to frame the day with the warrior energy of YES and NOW. And it’s part of the Wim Hof […]

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Derail My Fake Life

Last month, I posted about drug addiction. If the goal of this whole vulnerability blogging practice was ever to ‘derail my fake life’ then this one was the motherload.Sharing my grief and childhood shame was relatively easy because they still left the ‘goodness’ of my adult self image intact.Writing about drug addiction was different. It […]

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