Awakening Authenticity

How do you really show up in your life?

Those goals you never achieve, the ways you escape the moment, what you do instead of the things you believe in, the opportunities you continue to attract but don’t dare take . . . 

All of these are fruits of a tree, and at it’s root is who you are being: an unconscious identity that you learned in reaction to who and what you believe you must be instead of your authentic self.

​Are you willing to betray who you are being in service of awakening authenticity?

​What is Awakening Authenticity?

Awakening Authenticity is a paid, 12-week programme of transformation through which you will discover who you are being in your life and step into who you are about to become. 

This is as real as you dare believe. I will travel with you all the way. You could play it safe, but that’s really not why you're here.

What you will Experience

  • ​Crystal clarity around who are being in your life and why
  • Powerful inner realisation of who you are about to become
  • Completely organic way of inviting new action into life
  • Authenticity embedded in your real life and relationships
    • Wrap-around support in your journey of transformation

Programme Specification

  • Six live sessions by phone, Skype or in person
  • ​12 weeks of Unlimited Email & WhatsApp support
  • Reflection email following each session
  • Starts at £500 ($700) with finance option 
  • Bursary available on individual case basis

Grab your FREE Discovery Session

Discover the Shadow Character who is living your life below the surface of awareness, as well as how and why this character is blocking your Awakening Authenticity.

Feedback from Graduates

Awakening Authenticity Programme

Adam holds on open, non-judgemental space for his coaching. He has a deep intelligence and he is happy to share his stories of vulnerability and his own self-development path which facilitates the coaching sessions. He can explain and clarify points in many ways. He appears to have a deep understanding of coaching and the mind-body relationship. He is able to motivate without pushing the participant into fear, but the level of this motivation is challenging enough to bring about change. It felt natural to communicate with Adam over video call and this was not a barrier to the coaching relationship. Additional support via Whats App also helped as a check in strategy and to boost motivation. Email support was also invaluable.

I realised there were parts of my self that needed more exposure, that needed the limelight, and identifying these parts was a key area of the coaching. This moved me forwards in terms of my own therapeutic relationship with my patients. I tried things I had never done before, confronting fears about this. My authenticity with certain family members has grown. The pinnacle of the coaching impact was launching my website including my own recovery story onto social media, something I would not have done without Adam's encouragement and guidance.

If you want to grow either personally or professionally this will really help. This will help people who want to deepen their self-awareness or maybe have a sense they are not living life to its full potential. Finally a big thank you to Adam, I have loved the challenge of the coaching process and how it has now set me up for the future giving me a more defined purpose and direction.

Chris Shorter

Awakening Authenticity Programme

Words can't sum up how helpful it was. I am truly grateful. This feels like a massive shift for me. I was in a haze but now feel clear. You have a real gift for this work and I would like to do a testimonial of some sort because people need to know about you!

Emily Tims

What is 'coaching' anyway?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal or professional potential.”

Coaching with me is a series of direct, personal and challenging conversations within a radically non-judgemental relationship in service of your desire for greater authenticity, vitality and purpose.

My guarantee: "This programme attracts people who are committed to their growth and development. I believe in this programme and the results have been life-changing. However, if you are dissatisfied at any point during the programme, you are very welcome to request a full refund."

Dr Adam Al-Kashi, Coach & Creator of Awakening Authenticity