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Me and Drugs

Early on I learned secrecy as a defense. This post is about one of my biggest secrets, my personal history of drug abuse. I am writing this for myself. To continue my process of becoming real. And perhaps it offers some value to others.People in my life assumed that because I had never tried alcohol, […]

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Losing My Religion

I grew up with religion. My dad was born into Islam. My mum was Catholic and converted after they met. This post is about a journey, pitted with guilt, shame and confusion, to finally uproot what wasn’t working for me.Now. There is religion and then there is religion. And if you didn’t grow up with […]

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Early Shame Memories

I have a life story that continues to change and a few handfuls of memories that change with it. The events that I remember from 20 or 30 years ago are the most meaningful, and often the most painful. I believe that behind this pain lies power.This post is about early memories of shame that […]

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