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Early Shame Memories

I have a life story that continues to change and a few handfuls of memories that change with it. The events that I remember from 20 or 30 years ago are the most meaningful, and often the most painful. I believe that behind this pain lies power.This post is about early memories of shame that […]

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Why Vulnerability Blogging

The unconscious mind is always busy editing reality, but this post is about breaking through the conscious choices I have made to distort and deny my personal truth.I’ve spent my whole life protecting and preening the image that I present to the world. I’ve stretched, bent and broken my truth to maintain an illusion.“No man […]

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Discovering Dance Ecstasy

Some people say things like, “I don’t dance.” I used to be one of them. This post is about a thirty seven year old man discovering dance ecstasy from zero.When I said, “I don’t dance” – often with thinly veiled petrification at the imminent prospect – what I really meant was that I don’t know […]

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The Gift of Grief

On Sunday, I drove an hour south to a yurt in the countryside to join a men’s circle. Most often when faced with “how are you?” in my life, I have not shared anything of truth or substance. But.. as is customary, I knew I’d be getting real with these men – most of whom […]

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