My name is Adam Al-Kashi. I’m 37 and live in London with my wonderful wife and kids. I love deep community, breakthroughs, 5Rhythms, ice baths, climbing trees, my folding bike, my guitar & running.

I used to be very emotionally shutdown. It has taken me a lot of challenging self work to get here. I'm still on that journey and what lights me up now is sharing the travel with others.

​Part of my journey is that I offer deep transformational coaching around the themes of authenticity, vitality and purpose. This website hosts my offering and personal blog.

If you're considering my 'Awakening Authenticity' coaching programme but aren't sure enough to make contact, I'd strongly recommend that you check out my blog & testimonials through the menu at the top. 

I participate in and facilitate intense shadow work, primarily through the Mankind Project, and have been both a coaching and psychotherapy client, all with life-changing results.

I also have coach training with City University London and Coaches Rising, hundreds of hours of coaching experience through prior work in the health sector, and currently run emotional authenticity circles for healthcare students and NHS staff.

You can connect with me in all these ways...​

Adam has a deep insight into how human psychology works, how people think and feel. Yes it has been extremely impactful for me. He's blessed with a skill that can quite simply change lives.

Angus Maguire

To round off, and with the aim of communicating myself, I thought I'd try something fun and post up lots of pictures of who I am and who I have been that I found on my phone and laptop that just make me... smile.