Our Best 2016 Ever

My wife, Sally and I have both been on a path of personal healing and growth in our own ways for some years. Tonight, for New Year’s eve, we’re planning something special.

We’re going to dedicate the evening to closing 2016 and opening 2017 in our lives with the deepest and most embracing meaning that we can collectively access and author.

Beauty - the deepest organising principle of reality.

Story - the deepest organising principle of life.

We’re setting an intentional space to make contact with the level of story. Working at the level of story to take authorship of our lives for the passing year and coming year.

Poiesis - ​root of our word poetry, a verb meaning to generate and transform the world.

We’ll be using ritual to set up and contain the space. Employing common resources such as fire, incense, tea, words, and our senses with intention and mindfulness. All in service.

We’ll be communicating with each other and ourselves in special ways. Working with transformational questions. Using writing to draw out from within. Sharing appreciatively.

It isn’t written in stone. We haven’t set recipes. It will be grounded in the intention to go within together. To take up transformational authorship for this year of our lives.

If you like the sound of all this, you’re welcome to join us in spirit. It’s never too late to have your best 2016 ever.

I’ve crafted some transformational questions to assist you in creating your own night of power.

  • What would it mean if my life were not a fragmented collection of events?
  • How can the parts of my self and my life, that I’ve judged to be wrong, come together as one perfect message?
  • What is the deep inner logic of my own unique live? The unbroken thread of story.
  • How far back and how far forward does the meaning of this moment extend?
  • How was it all leading up to the events of this year? The leading edge of my one story.
  • How does tonight - the night of the whole year - hold the potential for all to come?
  • How deeply dare I dream this could mean for what is possible in my life now?
  • What in me must die in order to break through to liberating my life from being imperfect?
  • What in myself must I betray in service of bringing the joy of acceptance into my life?

I’m particularly looking forward to all this because Sally and I frequently connect deeply but don’t often make an evening of working together on our healing and transformation.

Safely tucked away, I have a some tattered pages dated seven years ago where we’d sat down together to each write out fifty things we wanted to be, do, have, see and feel.

I think we’ll open this evening by reviewing these lists. Taking in the long sweep of who we wanted to become seven years ago. Feels powerful. I’m really looking forward to it.