First Kambo Ceremony

This whole blog is about awakening authenticity, vitality and purpose. And this post is the first one in the category of vitality – all about cultivating and re-capturing the energies of life.Last month, I went to my first ‘Kambo’ ceremony in which a Shaman applied frog venom to fresh burns on my leg made with a […]

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The Power of Loneliness

Loneliness. Even though I’m more connected with more people than ever in my life, I very often feel completely alone in my own way.I was reading in a book recently (Will the Real Me Please Stand Up? by Powell & Brady) about how telling you all of my significant feelings is the very essence of […]

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What is My Journey

Sometimes people ask me what it means when I refer to being on a journey. I get comments that suggest maybe I’m depressed or it’s a midlife crisis or some kind of breaking down.Like maybe I got stuck in my life and have started running backwards to recapture an infantile exuberance rather than just staying […]

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Masochist and Addict

It’s winter here in London. For that last 40 days, I’ve been having cold (5°c) showers every morning and night. I’ve not touched the hot tap all year.It makes me feel super alive and inspired. I get to frame the day with the warrior energy of YES and NOW. And it’s part of the Wim Hof […]

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