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Adam Al-Kashi
Being My Truth

About the Author

I'd been 'into personal development' for many years, but came to realise that I had really just been building thicker armour. I was finally initiated through a series of deeply transformative encounters with my shadow. 

I now seek to create a whole-hearted world by loving myself, being my truth and inspiring others on the journey of authenticity, vitality and purpose. Join me and let's travel together.

There was something deeply cathartic about the space Adam allowed for healing to emerge. I feel that anyone would be touched by his care and integrity, and benefit greatly from the insights he offers.

Ben Davies

You bring clarity, humanity, and an ability to navigate directly to the heart of the matter. I had complete trust in your facilitation, and the way you helped me to navigate the memories and emotions that were revealed in the process.

Christopher Bangs

That process you led last Tuesday was spot on. You've got an amazing intuitive sense for facilitation and the room was on fire when you finished. Keep on keeping on!

Jed Lazar